RN (Current Employee), Florida

Have been with this company since 2009. I give them a schedule every month that I would like to work; on those nights (my preference) they call me at 5 p.m. to confirm me and tell me what unit at what hospital I will be working. I love it. I get paid every week. If I ever need to talk to anyone for ANY reason, there is someone 24/7 answering the phone. If something comes up that I can’t work I just give them a call, there is never any nasty feelings, just an “OK and we’ll talk to you tomorrow”. If I want to pick up more shifts, I am always welcome. The only time that it’s not great is when the snowbirds go home and the census goes down, but that happens everywhere.

RN (Current Employee), Las Vegas, NV

Overall, given a lot of experience in various settings. Learned management skills, working with little or no supervision. Working with a variety of employees and patients. Hardest part of the job, keeping supervisors satisfied. Most enjoyable – working with the patients.

Registered Nurse (Former Employee), Longwood, FL

I work in various hospitals as an agency nurse. Meeting different people and learning various hospital policies has been a rewarding challenge.

Registered Nurse (Current Employee), Altamonte Springs, FL

Elite Medical is a wonderful place to work for agency nurses. The staff are always polite, friendly, and are always helping you get the hours you want on the particular days you want!

Tammie McWilliams, LPN, Oklahoma

I love working with Elite Medical Staffing. I am a full-time student and appreciate how they work with me and my schedule! I don’t know what I would do without Jessica and Becky! Love you girls! Keep up the good work!

Timberly Stone, CNA, Oklahoma

I love love love working for Elite!!! The staff is super friendly and easy to talk to, not to mention the great pay and flexible hours that are available. If you are looking for any of this, Elite is the place for you!

Kayla DeeAnn Johnson, CNA, Oklahoma

The absolute best part about my job? The people. I have the best best boss ever in healthcare, Jessica Valencia, and I’ve made some amazing friends thanks to this job too. Not to mention the residents & their families; there have been several who have made permanent marks in my heart with their stories & how appreciative they are

Jennifer Hogan, CNA, Oklahoma

First off I’ll say how great my boss lady is; Jess is the best boss I’ve ever came across working for. Always taking care of her girls! Second, I’ve met & made some of the absolute best friends, gained some “adoptive grandparents” & even some great residents family members, from the facilities we go to. I love my career with Elite & all of my coworkers & of course my Boss Lady!