If there is one thing I think most everyone can agree on, all across the US, is that we just can’t wait for Fall. Crisp-under your feet and in the air. And oh, those beautiful colors! Here’s where and when to catch the best colors in 2018.

Mid Sept

Color is barely starting in the mountains of Colorado, Upper NY, Vermont and the most northern parts of Minnesota.

By the 1st week of Oct 

The places above are in peak colors. If you aren’t sitting there in the middle of all that color this week you should start heading south of there. New England is beginning season, Upper Michigan, Wisconsin and eastern N Dakota are also seeing a start. Colors are coming in through western Montana and Wyoming, covering the rest of Colorado and even northern New Mexico.

Mid October

The leaves are gone in our first group but New England is in full splendor. Swing down through Pennsylvania and up through Michigan and into parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota for more peak colors. Then starting at the Idaho/Montana border the dryer states are celebrating peak colors all the way down into New Mexico with the exception of the past-season mountains.

Late Oct

You’re going to find peak colors in the Virginias, Maryland and up through Nebraska and western Montana. On the other side of the country you will find lots of color throughout Oregon and Washington. Near peak is happening in most of California, western Nevada. New England is done by late October as is Colorado to Montana.


Last Chance to see peak colors in Mid November is through parts of Texas and the deep south and the only peak by the 3rd week of November is in Florida, Louisiana and Southern Texas.

The season is yours to enjoy. Maybe take a nice brisk, crunchy walk through the leaves. Pile them up on a nice soft patch of grass and watch the dogs and kids, and maybe even you, have some great outdoor fun. Grab some up and enjoy an arts and crafty afternoon pressing them into books, preserving them into resin molds or make a great Autumn wreath. Whatever you do to enjoy the season I hope it is a beautiful one.

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