While Waiting in Line

I overheard  a couple talking about voting while waiting in line for coffee the other morning.  I was particularly intrigued by their strategy for picking an appropriate candidate for the lesser publicized positions. They each take half of the candidates and they google the names to find out how they will vote on the issues that were of interest to this couple.  They were having planning a visit to the local party’s office that afternoon for  little deeper dig into the scoop.



When you think of all the things people argue about, politics is at the top of the list and yet, here in the US, we have one of the worst turnouts at the polls. In the last presidential election almost half of the eligible voters decided to stay home.


In the US it took nearly a century ….nearly 100 years….from the time the 15th amendment, that’s the one that  in 1870 gave black men the right to vote, was adopted into the Constitution, until the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that protected blacks against legal barriers that denied them that very right. The 19th Amendment in 1920 gave women the right to vote, also took nearly a century to get put into law. Over 100 years of protests. People going to jail. The battles, the blood, the lives that were destroyed and lives that ended because they so desperately wanted the right to vote.

But I want it so bad!!!

Have you ever wanted something that bad? So much that even after hearing how people are getting hurt and even killed for the cause you still join the fight?


Except in the south west where the young adults are crushing it, middle agers are out numbering voters of any other age group across the country. What is drawing the middle agers to vote? I am thinking it is probably not the school board and maybe not even the judges. It’s pretty obvious that enough pot smokers made it into this age range to make a difference on that issue. The thing is…there had to be politicians that were voted into office that believed in legalizing marijuana, medicinal or otherwise, to write the proposals to get them on the ballot for the middle agers to vote on.  For the middle agers to know who those candidates were that were likely to vote in favor of pot initiatives they had to do a bit of research. You guessed it…that couple in the coffee shop(?) …..they were in their 50’s.


Research doesn’t guarantee we will get the candidate that will vote the way we expect them to or even get done what they promise they will do but without it we may as well be picking names out of the hat.  We have voted candidates into office that have died, a dog, a mule, a cat-Stubbs has been mayor for 15 years, and even a cartoon-Bender for School Board. Kind of embarrassing when China picks up on the fact that Bosco the Lab-Rottie mix wins the election as mayor of a town in California and uses it as propaganda to insinuate that we view people as dogs and that democratic elections don’t work.

And Me  

I voted early this time and I voted by mail. I sat down in front of my computer and gave it a spin. Turns out I was able to find out a lot more about all those candidates than I thought I would. I even googled the candidates I am familiar with, the ones in the ads. Those are actually harder to get to the real info but after scrolling down a bit you can usually find a source you can trust. I do my best to vote almost every election, some of the local elections just creep up on me without warning, and I have even worked the polls for a few years but I feel a little more patriotic having done a few hours of research for this election. Try it! And Please Vote!


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