Adventure can be found almost anywhere. Step out your door and it begins for those who look for it. Travelers step out of more doors than most of us giving you even more wonderful things to discover. Why not pick a wall to share all of your wonderful adventures with everyone that sees it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


An adventure wall can simply be photos of the places you have been and things you have done. A gallery type of adventure wall may have 1 to 3 rows of say 8″ x 10″ photos, all in the same color and/or style of frame. Mix up the pics enough to attract your viewers natural flow of vision by placing the flashiest pic close to the top left. The next flashiest should go towards the bottom right to draw the eye from one side to the other.


You may decide to go for a less structured option. Add a little dimension to your wall and go unframed. Or add only a few traditionally framed pieces in your wall. A woven Native American blanket from Arizona. Driftwood that looks like a wand from Harry Potter that you found at the beach in Florida. Fall colored leaves from Maine. Trinkets from Trenton. Add them to the wall, throw in a few photos, some personally developed arts and crafts that finish the story and you are on your way to an awesome conversational piece.


A large Adventure Wall may start leaning towards busy unless you give your viewer’s eye a resting place here and there.  A strategically placed blank space or a few black and white photos might be just the thing. If your space is on the small side you will want to make each piece meaningful. Experiment with ornate or unique frames. Texture can be added by removing the glass from a couple of frames in an all framed wall and adding collectibles to the piece like a seashell or a tasseled bookmark. You can always grab some spray paint and give the frames a matching coat in one neutral color. This will bring back a sense of calm.


Every new adventure that goes on your wall will be another wonderful conversation with friends, family and all who visit. Adventure on!

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