Color has a powerful effect on every part of our lives. There is actually a field of study that’s devoted to analyzing the emotional and behavioral effects produced by colors and color combinations. It’s called Color Psychology. Culture and individual experience alters these effects, sometimes drastically, but for the most part those of us in the US are likely to react to most colors with similar response.

Colors you know

There is a reason McDonalds is bright red (appetite) and yellow (happiness). Orange also stimulates metabolism and appetite which is why it is one of the Dunkin Donuts colors. Although pink can be a calming color alone, put together with orange some may respond with increased energy or even unease which may be the reason folks don’t hang out at Dunkin’ like they do at Starbucks.

Elite’s Maroon

Blue is calming, red is powerful. There are a lot of emotions tied to color. Elite’s maroon, for instance, is a mix of all three primary colors, red, blue and yellow, so with the passion, power and ambition it pulls from the red, there is also blues trustworthiness and dependability along with yellows clarity, warmth & comfort.

For Entertainment

Take a look at your closet. Aside from the scrubs and the denim, what colors do you lean on most? If you are wondering what that might say about you try googling the psychology of (fill in your color) and see what happens. It might be pretty entertaining.


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