Ever set a dried-up leaf on fire with a magnifying glass? Did you know your water bottle can do the same thing?

Great Camping Trick

Use to be, in the old days, there was always someone in the group who had a lighter. A fire isn’t as easy to start these days. “The Art of Manliness”, May 11,2018, blog shows step by step the best way to get that fire going, with a water bottle. Just the right angle from the sun and poof….a nice marshmallow toasting fire to sing around.



What the…..?



For the World Cup, a Russian water company sold a beautiful soccer ball shaped water bottle that, when exposed to the sun, shoots a beam of light strong enough to ignite matches. Idaho Power published this video of a water bottle innocently sitting in a work truck while the seat was catching fire from the sun passing through it. Just google water bottle fire for a staggering number of articles and videos on the subject.

Koozie it up

We take water bottles everywhere. It’s not so surprising to find a bottle left in the hot car, or on the kitchen table waiting for the sun to catch it at just the right angle. A nice koozie, or even a plain brown paper bag, could be just the thing to keep you and your water bottle on good terms.

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