It must have been a recipe she got at the grocery store but my mother couldn’t wait to make it. Stuffed Cabbage turned out to be one of my favorite childhood dinners.

As I got older and the pounds started sticking to my hips it was apparent a few things needed to change so when I came across mom’s recipe it clicked. No matter what the hot diet of the year is, cabbage is a good choice and it works great as a pasta alternative. AND it takes less time to cook!! Something in the way it interacts with tomatoes is just heavenly…..really….you should give it a try.


For 100 grams of cabbage it’s only 25 (131 for pasta) calories , 6g. (25g for pasta) carbs, 0 cholesterol ( 33mg for pasta) and a boost in Vit C (5 g. protein for pasta).

Cabbage may protect you from the negative effects of radiation so eat up before your next x-ray.  Also, Sulforaphane, a guardian against cancer,  as well as Vitamin K are found in cabbage. Cabbage decreases your risk of diabetes & heart disease and is great for your complexion & energy levels. When fermented,  It’s high in probiotics, as in sauerkraut and kimchi. It’s high in fiber which promotes a healthy digestive tract …. which in turn is good for your immune system and inflammation …… which in turn decreases risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes & cancer. WOW!


Instead of Spaghetti-shred cabbage and microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes, more or less, in a steamer or in a coffee mug for one serving or a bowl for the whole crowd with about an inch of water. Serve like you would spaghetti with your favorite Marinara sauce & shredded Parmesan cheese.

For lasagna-just slice off the tough spine and, without cooking first, use in place of pasta.

Try half pasta and half cabbage in things like macaroni salad.

Not recommended for macaroni and cheese. Just don’t mess with that.


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