Just because you are constantly on the go doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy meals and snacks. There are plenty of options to create variety within your diet. Summer is coming to end and that means a lot of the healthy foods you’ve come to enjoy are going to be done for the season. Rather than buy items not in season, shipped from all over the world, why not try some healthy foods that flourish in the fall weather? It is the perfect time to try some new recipes and become familiar with the bounty that the cooler weather brings. When you’re traveling, find groceries stores and farmers markets that focus on locally grown produce and other organic foods so you can be sure everything you put into your body will provide excellent nutrition and fuel your body to perform at peak levels.

Types of Foods

The fall season conjures up images of pumpkins, squash and warm, baked dishes. As the temperature cools down, you will have cravings for comforting foods that warm you from the inside-out. When you can prepare food ahead of time, you will have greater success in keeping your diet healthy. Items like muffins, soups, and even salad ingredients can be prepared one day of the week and enjoyed throughout the coming week. Here are some food items you can prepare and enjoy later:

  • Dried Fruit
    Buy fruit and dehydrate it yourself or buy it this way. It is one of the heathiest and easiest ways to consume fruit on the go. No more sticky messes in the car while you try to eat an apple or pear but rather several handfuls of dry slices will provide the necessary nutrients.
  • Muffins
    Healthy muffins are made with ingredients like butternut squash, coconut oil and feta cheese, not always just sugar and butter. Substitute the coconut oil for heavy butter and use vegetables for the starch in the muffin. These types of muffins can provide the protein and sugars you need to treat patients all day with energy leftover.
  • Salads
    Making a salad doesn’t always guarantee a low-calorie, low-fat dish but you can introduce seasonal elements and enjoy a tasty, healthy salad. Instead of heavy dressing, opt for juicy bits of apples and raisins to be the dressing and toss in nuts for protein. While you can’t make the salad days ahead of time, you can prepare the ingredients and store in portion sized containers to throw into your lunch bag before your day starts.
  • Apples
    Fall is the season for apples and they can be added to many dishes for sweetness and texture. The juice of the apple makes it ideal for meals and snacks like a bowl of oatmeal, salads, dips and even desserts. Substitute an apple for the scoop of brown sugar on your morning oatmeal or even bake some apples for a healthy and easy dessert.
  • Squash and Pumpkins
    These items can be found at every grocery store but many times they are used solely for decoration and their nutritional values should be taken into consideration. Soups, casseroles and snacks can all be made with a number of these gourd ingredients.

Even with hectic schedules and a heavy patient load, you can eat healthy while on assignment. Take into consideration the season and buy the items that thrive in the fall, for the freshest ingredients to be added to any dish.

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