Whether you plan to travel for your entire career or just a few years, there is much to learn as a travel nurse that you may never encounter if you remain in local facilities.

Learn new skills. Each assignment is a little different. Working as a travel nurse may mean working in hospitals and facilities of varying sizes. In larger facilities, there may be a sharper division of labor, allowing you to deepen your skill level in your specialty. In smaller ones, nurses may be spread thin and you may be asked to pitch in wherever needed – broadening your skills

Build your network. Traveling allows you to meet people all over the country in a variety of specialties and professional levels. You may be able later to reach out to someone in your expanded network for a reference or referral and, of course, you can do the same for colleagues in your network.

Explore a variety of careers. Travel nursing exposes you to many different specialties. You may take an interest in nephrology or decide to become a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. You’ll have the chance to find out if you’d love to work at a remote Alaskan hospital that can only be reached by airplane or a bustling urban hospital emergency room where you may help to treat gunshot wounds, infectious disease and deliver babies – maybe in the same day.

Broaden training in your specialty. Accept a travel assignment in your specialty and you may be surprised. With your education and experience, you may think you know everything there is to know in your field, but there may be something to learn at each facility. You may have more or different kinds of patients. They use different technologies or treatment protocols. You are bound to learn something new at every assignment.

Get your foot in the door. Do you have a dream hospital that you’ve always wanted to work at? Travel nursing is your chance. Accept an assignment and make a great impression, or find out the reality of working there doesn’t live up to your dream.

See a broad range of patients and conditions. Some conditional are regional. Working in different locations can expose you to different demographics, different illnesses and injuries from those you would typically see at home. Travel nursing will broaden your experience in these areas and make you a more desirable candidate.

Learn different technologies. Technical skills have become critical to effective nursing. Learn the latest in EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems, different workflow management systems and increase your technical savvy, making you a more desirable candidate to recruiters and employers.

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