The stress of working as a nurse can quickly take its toll on even the most seasoned vets. Identifying those on the verge of burning out and providing relief can prevent a difficult issue from getting unmanageable. Provide your team with coping skills, show them that they are valued and add per diem or travel nurses to lighten the load when care demand is high.

What are the warning signs of nursing burnout?

Be aware when you see changes in your otherwise dedicated nursing staff:

  • Frequent absences or lateness.
  • Missed deadlines
  • Increased illness
  • Loss of focus

If a nurse is unreliable from day one, it doesn’t take long to spot it and take corrective action, but when some of your top people are suddenly scatterbrained, rundown and missing work, it’s time to take action before you start losing people.

What changes can you make to prevent or reduce burnout?

Watch staffing levels. Demand frequently varies. Whether it’s flu and colds in the winter or sports accidents in the summer, it’s difficult to maintain staff levels when you can’t predict need. Add per diem and travel nurses as needed to prevent overworking your permanent nursing staff.

Focus on wellness. Offer programs that give nurses tools to manage stress. Try a meditation practice or some low-key exercise like yoga or tai chi. Manage schedules so that nurses are able to get adequate rest. Be sure that counseling is available after any particularly traumatic work event.

Show your appreciation. Nursing can be a demanding, thankless job. Be sure that your nurses see your gratitude every day. Whether it’s a simple pat on the back for a job well done, a catered lunch or just the assurance that they can relax and enjoy their time off because you have coverage in place for their absence.

Working with a nursing staffing firm like Elite Medical Staffing can help to ensure that you always have the credentialed, qualified professionals you need. Prevent nursing staff burnout and reduce hiring stress by working with a staffing partner who can provide permanent, travel and per diem help. Before you see the signs of burnout at your facility, contact Elite.

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