Finding places to eat when on a travel assignment can be a burden or an adventure – it’s up to you. Sure, you’ll want to prepare simple, healthy meals for yourself most days, but once in a while it’s fun to treat yourself to a meal out. What’s the best way to find good quality, delicious foods when you are not from the area?

Ask Your Colleagues

The locals will know the hot spots. Tell them what cuisines you like and listen to their ideas. The best thing about this approach is that if you want company, it’s easy to invite someone along this way.

Check the Internet

Google “Places to eat in (your city)” and you will find plenty of recommendations and reviews. Look to review sites like Yelp to help you find the best restaurants in the area. Be sure to use the site as a general overview and don’t be turned off by a single bad review. Trip Advisor and several other sites also provide reviews. Keep an eye out for local review sites that may vary by region.

Look for Food Trucks

For a quick, tasty, inexpensive meal, food trucks can’t be beat. Follow them on Twitter to find out where they will be stopping. Some cities have a roundup of all the trucks in one place so that you can get a taste of everything. Visiting food trucks for meals can also give you an opportunity to explore parts of your city you might not have ordinarily seen.

Check Local Publications.

Local newspapers and magazines often provide restaurant reviews. Look at their sites for archives they may have a “best of” issue that will give you some ideas to try.


If your assignment is in an area that tends to attract tourists, you may be able to find a guidebook for the area that will give you restaurants to try. If you find one you would like to try call first or check it out online. Restaurants open and close all the time, so printed reviews can be obsolete quickly.

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