The Affordable Care Act has brought many changes to the healthcare industry from patients to doctors, facilities and billing practices. With these changes brings a great deal of concern over the security of jobs and quality patient care. As a travel nurse, you have been hearing about these changes for many months now and may have already seen some of them implemented in your daily practices. When it comes to your paycheck, you probably want to be sure some things don’t change in a negative way and you are still able to count on the care you provide being valued and compensated for accordingly. There will be changes but contrary to what you may have heard, they may not be negative in their impact to your pay check.

What will Happen to your Pay Check?

In most situations, the ACA will not have an effect on your pay check and in many cases, it can have a positive impact. Because more people will now have health care, they will be more apt to come in for care or require the care of a travel nursing professional. In the past, the cost may have been prohibitive but with that barrier removed, people may decide to get the care they actually need. This can create an increase in patients and it is expected that millions of new patients will hit the market thanks in part to the ACA and increased care coverage. An increase like this can mean higher pay and job security for nurses all over the country. The high demand is said to increase nursing jobs to numbers reaching the millions and that will mean a steady income for competent nurses in all fields.

Specialized Nursing

When more nurses enter the market ready to start work, it will be helpful for the veteran nurses to move into specialty fields and begin working somewhere they can demand a higher pay. As a travel nursing professional, you may decide to work in specialty centers around your area or in the state, which can put you in a position of high demand and your pay check can be higher. In a specialized nursing position, you may be able to secure a salary position, which can mean healthcare coverage through your staffing agency or even through your employer. Your paychecks can be higher due to the coverage you receive from other sources and are not force to pay out of pocket. The ACA means a lot of positive changes for those in the healthcare field. As the glitches are worked through, these positive aspects will begin to surface and the demand for quality healthcare workers will increase.

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