The negative stigma that was once attached to temporary workers is a thing of the past. In fact, as more potential candidates graduate with a degree and may struggle to find work, these jobs are becoming more popular. They are no longer just for those without marketable skills or those who are just hoping for short-term employment. Temporary positions are a way for employers to test-out new employees and to offer them full-time employment after a certain time period or to simply fill an absence with a highly qualified individual. While many employees will strive for an offer of full-time employment, some may enjoy the flexibility provided with temp positions. They can choose to work when they want to and for the companies of their choosing. As an employer, there are several benefits to hiring temporary nurses:

  1. You can fill the gaps in your facility. Gone are the days of being short-handed when your staff is sick or when they have a family emergency. The relationship you forge with the medical staffing agency will help your facility run smoothly with any issues that can arise due to a staffing shortage as a simple phone call can alleviate that panic. Any shift and any type of temporary nursing position can be filled with a trained nurse who has already been through the screening of the agency.
  2. You have no obligation to keep a bad employee. If for some reason, the temporary employee is not as skilled as they claim or are not a good fit for your facility, you can tell the agency and they can send you a different candidate. Sometimes it can take several tries to find a good fit, just as it would with a permanent team member but the medical staffing professionals will work diligently to find the best person for you. Many times it is not a qualification issue but a personality difference and clear communication with the staffing agency can minimize these types of problems.
  3. You can catch up. If your facility has experienced a lot of changes lately and there is a backlog of paperwork, patient forms, or any other issue that would cause a full-time employee to work over-time, it could be the perfect situation in which you could hire a temp nurse to fill in. During seasonal times of illness such as flu season, you may want to have an extra nurse on hand just to ensure all your patients receive the highest care possible.

These are just three of the benefits to hiring temp nurses. Every facility runs differently and you may find a need for the nurses in a variety of scenarios so it is beneficial to have a working relationship with a medical staffing agency in your area. Elite Medical Staffing, a top nursing agency in Oklahoma, has a wide range of medical professionals available to you to fill any capacity within your facility. Take a minute to get to know who they are and what they can offer so when the need arises, you have an advocate ready to provide you with the best possible candidate.

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