As a nurse with a family, your schedule can be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome with a family. You may have night shifts followed by days off and then you will undoubtedly have to work over some holidays. When you became a nurse, this was part of the job description. But there are other options to working in a hospital or clinic setting that could be beneficial to your family in many different ways. Travel nursing is growing in popularity as nurses begin to realize this is a viable option for work and enjoyment. Not only can nurses work in the profession they love but they are able to travel throughout the country and work in cities they’ve only seen in books or on TV.

The Benefits of Travel

When you have young children at home, it can be difficult to spend time with them when your own work schedule is hectic. But as a traveling nurse, you have the chance to work for a period of time and then take time off. Many nursing contracts last about 13 weeks and during that time there is plenty of time off as well as paid overtime, which can help with family finances. The freedom with a traveling schedule comes when there is downtime and nurses can spend time with their families in an exciting new place. Some of the benefits of travel nursing include:

  • Flexible scheduling of assignments. You can decide to take on a new contract or stay at your home with family.
  • New cities. Getting a chance to explore new places is one of the best parts of being a travel nurse. Maybe you also have friends and family in other cities. You might want to take a contract in one of those places, so you can spend a little extra quality time with them.
  • Higher pay. This type of position usually pays a higher hourly rate as well as a housing allowance or the actual accommodations.
  • Retirement and benefits. The majority of agencies hiring a travel nurse will have these options for the nurses and even though the nurses are working in contract situations, they are able to have the benefits of a salaried position.
  • Bonus pay. There are some medical facilities in dire need of extra nurses and they are willing to pay extra for quality nurses to come to their rescue. These bonuses can be a great addition to your family income.
  • Tax-free travel reimbursements. The added pay a travel nurse receives during the assignments is usually tax-free so it can financially make sense for you to travel as a nurse.

The benefits of traveling as a nurse can outweigh the monotony and daily drama of a medical center. Your family can benefit financially as well as from your ability to be flexible with the contracts you accept. Talk today with the medical staffing professionals at Elite Medical Staffing to discuss the many travel nursing opportunities in Oklahoma and in other cities.

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