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  • San Francisco—Week Four

    Be a Tourist So right after orientation you grabbed an Uber to the nearest San Francisco trolley stop. You hit Fisherman’s Wharf & Ghirardelli Square and had such a great time! You took the Ferry over to Alcatraz on your first day off-ghosts and gardens-so cool. Now it's week four. What’s next?   Walking There …Read More »
  • I Want to Be a Travel Nurse

    So you have looked into becoming a travel nurse and you like what you see but you aren’t sure if you know what to expect or what might be expected of you before you can get started. Your license The first thing to consider is your license. Is it valid in the state or states …Read More »
  • Fire in a Water Bottle

    Ever set a dried-up leaf on fire with a magnifying glass? Did you know your water bottle can do the same thing? Great Camping Trick Use to be, in the old days, there was always someone in the group who had a lighter. A fire isn’t as easy to start these days. “The Art of …Read More »

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