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  • Winter Travel

    Planning It’s time to start thinking about where you want to travel in the winter months for your next nurse or allied assignment. Yup. The middle of August and you may be looking at crunch time. Give yourself a good week to consider your options, give your recruiter a call with your top picks, take …Read More »
  • Shhh…Did You Know You Have………. Bacteria?

    Way back in the 1670’s a textile merchant, inspired by the magnifying glass used for inspecting cloth, built a simple microscope and there it all started. Bacteria was found. Out numbered Bacterial cells outnumber human cells in the body by 30%. Trillions of bacterial cells roaming around in there. Yup, I’m grossed out too, but …Read More »
  • Cornhole

    Nothing says summer like a good ol’ game of Cornhole but I had never heard of it until this year. Now it is EVERYWHERE! I was at a steakhouse the other night and on one of the many TV’s in my sights was a Cornhole Tournament. ON TV! And the steakhouse thought it was big …Read More »

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