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  • COVID-19 Prevention Tips

    Thank you to all the healthcare workers and public service professionals across the nation who are on the frontline working to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.Read More »
  • It’s Almost Here!!! Where to Find Fall Color

    If there is one thing I think most everyone can agree on, all across the US, is that we just can’t wait for Fall. Crisp-under your feet and in the air. And oh, those beautiful colors! Here’s where and when to catch the best colors in 2018. Mid Sept Color is barely starting in the …Read More »
  • Vote

    While Waiting in Line I overheard  a couple talking about voting while waiting in line for coffee the other morning.  I was particularly intrigued by their strategy for picking an appropriate candidate for the lesser publicized positions. They each take half of the candidates and they google the names to find out how they will …Read More »

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