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  • Fall Health Foods on the Go

    Just because you are constantly on the go doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy meals and snacks. There are plenty of options to create variety within your diet. Summer is coming to end and that means a lot of the healthy foods you’ve come to enjoy are going to be done for the season. Rather …Read More »
  • When in Rome: Experiencing Your Nursing Assignment Location

    Nursing is a demanding profession whether you are on the road or not. It's easy to give in to the temptation to come home, put on yoga pants and crash in front the TV with some takeout. And many evenings, that's exactly what you should do. But once in a while, it's fun to get …Read More »
  • 7 Ways Travel Nursing can Advance Your Career

    Whether you plan to travel for your entire career or just a few years, there is much to learn as a travel nurse that you may never encounter if you remain in local facilities. Learn new skills. Each assignment is a little different. Working as a travel nurse may mean working in hospitals and facilities …Read More »

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