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  • Extra Perks

    Summer is here and it’s time to get out and play! LifeMart, one of the Perks of working for Elite, does a great job of keeping the cost of having fun within budget. Save up to half on all the great waterparks across the country from Disney, Wet N Wild, Six Flags and more. There …Read More »
  • TICKS!!!

    Doubled! In just 20 years!! The number of counties where blacklegged ticks, the kind that carry Lyme disease, have taken up residence. There aren’t many states left that are not affected by ticks. What to do? Wear Insect resistant clothing-permethrin is an odorless, bug repelling shield for clothing that protects the wearer for up to …Read More »
  • Tips for New Nurse and Allied Travelers-Where do you want to go?

    Preparing for your first travel assignment can be challenging and a little scary. Here are a few insider tips for new nurse and allied travelers to help get you on your way. If your license doesn’t allow you to work in other states you will need to file for reciprocity. For nurses, google the board …Read More »

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