Healthcare sourcing – simplified

Elite Medical Staffing uses highly customized, advanced technology to manage our nurses applications, placements and credentials. Yet we still keep everything personal.

At Elite Medical Staffing, we use the latest technology to make it easier for you to source nurses and allied health professionals fast. Our custom technology allows us to deliver enterprise-level credential and compliance management to facilities of all sizes.

It’s important to identify healthcare professionals with the necessary credentials and schedule availability. But success requires quality, not just speed.

Our customized, top-of-the-line staff scheduling technology gives Elite Medical Staffing the right tools to quickly match available healthcare workers and fill orders faster:

  • Flexible, web-based solution configurable upon demand. Sort by the requirements you choose.
  • Integrated technology allows authorized users to view every personnel profile – further ensuring the right placements are made each and every time.
  • Quick and consistent placement of competent, credentialed healthcare professionals.


  • Track individual healthcare professional expertise, such as skill set and equipment experience
  • Ensure professionals remain compliant with proactive alerts of expiring credentials
  • Mitigate risk and reduce legal exposure
  • Streamline scheduling operations and increase client satisfaction
  • Improve scheduling processes and be more competitive
  • Strengthen overall efficiencies with complete insight into staffing operations and real-time visibility of filled, open and voided shifts
  • Facilitate communication among staffing coordinators, clients, affiliate vendors and healthcare professionals
  • Increase new hire productivity by removing scheduling guesswork
  • Manage national, agency, state and client requirements
  • Streamline compliance reporting for Joint Commission Health Care Staffing Certification and auditing

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